About Us

Flam burner with the production of top quality standards is one of the burner manufacturer in Turkey. Working with the industry`s most experienced team, Flam burner has a unique place in the burner world. All products of Flam burner has TSE and CE certificate.
Flam burner with a wide range of products such as gas burners, diesel fuel burners, fuel oil burners, dual fuel burners, inventer burners, drying burners provides quality and reliable service.
Flam burner has proven itself in the European market. It is working in Germany with major brands such as Giersch.
Our burner has a high performance. It provides fuel and energy savings. We have experienced service network.
Our burner works with gas and liquid fuel. This feature provide you a great advantage to use burner.
We can produce burner from 100kw / h to 35,000 kW / h. We work with trusted brands such as Dungs, Siemens, Lamtec.
The choice of the burner is very important. In this regard, the sales department consists of people who know what sales. The right choice of burner is not a sale technique, it is a sale principle.
Flam burner`s NOx values are low. We produce burner according to sustainable environmental policies. More environmentally friendly and economical burner design are our investment in our future .
`Flam Burner` produces eco-friendly burner.

`Flam Burner` Powerful, Sturdy, Efficient Burner...